Surprising reasons why your next car should be a EV

We all know electric cars have made their way into the market fairly successfully. They offer us an alternative to combustion engines, a possible way to reduce our carbon footprint and save our environment. But here are a couple more reasons why your next car should be an electric one.

Reduced emissions and cleaner air

As mentioned, electric cars offer us the opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint. EVs make use of energy provided by electricity, stored in their batteries whereas their combustion competitors use fuels and oil which produce gases and fumes out of the exhaust. By switching over to EVs, we will have less car smoke and fumes emitted into the air – leading to cleaner and less polluted air.

Time saved

Your car can be charged overnight while you’re home – meaning no more early morning petrol runs, saving you valuable time. Your car will charge while you sleep and be ready to go when you are! If you’re renting a Tesla from us, then some more great news! Tesla electric vehicles have some of the longest ranges out there, similar to regular combustion engine vehicles, so you don’t actually have to charge that frequently!

Drives that are quiet and peaceful

Electric vehicles are virtually silent when driving – you just need one drive to experience this magic of this benefit! Air pollution is a real consequence of increased traffic – with electric vehicles this could be a thing of the past. 

Energy efficiency

Electric vehicles are incredibly energy efficient – more so than other vehicle options on the road today. Energy efficiency is a measure of how well the vehicle transfers its stored energy from the batteries to it’s wheels. What’s really exciting is that EVs have a faster transfer of energy to motion.

Our team specialises in Tesla rental in Sydney – we’ll help you navigate your EV and make your experience memorable. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to keep you moving. Call us on 1300 407 853.

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10 June 2021

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