Getting your EV charger at home

Charging your electric vehicle is easier than you may think – whether you’re out and about town or at home. One way to make charging your EV even easier is to install an electric car charger right at home. 

Did you know that home electric chargers are 10x more powerful than wall plugs. And while wall plugs will easily do the job of charging your electric car, installing an at home electric charger will have your car fully charged by the time you wake up in the morning.

How can you get a home charger installed

It’s surprisingly simple to get a home charger installed, unfortunately however, this is not a DIY job! You will need to work with an official partner to ensure that your electric home charger is up to standard.

More about home chargers

There are a range of different home electric chargers that you are able to choose from. These vary depending on price and power – and what you choose will ultimately depend on what you need and how your charger functions:

  • single- vs. three-phase electrical capability
  • plug type
  • socketed vs. tethered cable
  • software support
  • Charging from solar

How electric home chargers work

Once you’ve found a home electric charger from an official partner, the next step is to get it installed. This needs to be done by a licensed electrician – someone experienced and qualified to do so. Once your home charger is installed you’re ready to charge! It’s as easy as plugging in overnight and waking up to a fully charged electric vehicle.

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30 June 2021

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