Make your next drive an electric one

Have you ever considered driving around town in an electric car? Now is the time to make the switch! With so many good reasons to drive an electric car, and with the local charging infrastructure improving day to day, have you made the switch?

Be kinder to the environment

It goes without saying – electric cars are kinder to the environment. By driving one, you’re instantly decreasing your carbon footprint and contributing to saving our planet. What’s more, if you choose correctly, you could be driving around with zero emissions – and if you choose to charge at home on solar power, you’re further contributing to a greener tomorrow. 

Quicker than you think

Electric cars offer a faster, quieter and smoother driving experience than you might think! EVs are in a different category than traditional combustion engines – and it’s a drive you can only comment on if you’ve actually been in an electric car! 

Easy driving

EVs are closer to driving an automatic car and offer a much easier driving experience. All you need to know is how to accelerate and stop – you may need a bit of an adjustment period when first driving, but you will quickly get the hang of it!

Tesla rentals Sydney

Our team offers one of the best green rental fleets in Australia. Based close to the airport in Sydney, our offices are conveniently located for your ease! Whether you’re travelling on vacation or business, or are just looking for a Tesla rental, contact us for your next rental!

Our team specialises in Tesla rental in Sydney – we’ll help you navigate your EV and make your experience memorable. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to keep you moving. Call us on 1300 407 853.

Tesla Rental Cars



11 June 2021

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