How do electric cars work?

Electric cars are fast gaining popularity and are slowly inching in on the mass market combustion engine equivalents. They are both practical and a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. But have you ever wondered how electric cars actually work?

Electric cars or EVs (electric vehicles) use electricity rather than petrol or diesel to fuel their journeys – by doing so they are better for the environment, and potentially even for your pocket.

The basics behind any EV include it’s battery, for storing energy; it’s charger, the controller and the electric motor. Today most electric vehicle options in Australia actually drive a similar distance or range on one “tank” or charge compared to equivalent combustion engines. What’s more is that your EV can easily be charged at home overnight. For day to day use, simply charge your EV via your at home charging unit or at a growing number of public charging stations dotted around town. The electricity charges the built in batteries, that will store the energy until you drive or use it. 

There are three main types of electric cars on the market – these are battery electric cars, which run solely on electric; plug-in hybrid electric cars, part EV and part combustion engine and Hybrid electric cars, similar to plug in hybrid EVs but can’t be plugged in. 

Charging your EV is relatively simple – at home and plugged into your wall socket is the slowest method but you can easily leave your car plugged in and charging overnight. Public EV charging sites or public DC fast chargers are quicker, providing most electric cars around 80% charge in 30 minutes. 

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28 May 2021

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