Electric vehicle charging stations

As more and more people adopt electric vehicles, a lot of questions arise around charging stations. Many wonder about how charging stations work or their safety while others often question the safety of charging their EVs at home overnight.


Electric vehicles undergo rigorous testing – in Australia, we follow the ANCAP rating system. Any vehicles that are sold locally are all tested against this safety standard. All of the ANCAP ratings are available and easily accessible. You can rest assured that your electric vehicle meets our rigorous standards. And while you may be concerned about charging stations – either public charging stations or chargers at home – you can also rest assured that these undergo their own safety checks against Australian standards.

Ease of use

Electric vehicles are incredibly easy to drive – there may be a slight learning curve if you’re only used to driving manual combustion engines, however, after a couple of drives you’ll feel like a duck in water! The other major difference to electric vehicles is how you power them. EVs need to be charged – and for this you can either charge it overnight at home or at one of the many local public charging stations. If you’re driving one of our Tesla rentals, then be sure to ask about where the best Superchargers are! We’ve also shared how easy it is to charge your electric car.

Drive a Tesla rental today

If you’ve ever wanted to rent a Tesla, then you’re in luck! Our rental fleet is built up with Tesla electric vehicles. 

Our team specialises in Tesla rental in Sydney – we’ll help you navigate your EV and make your experience memorable. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to keep you moving. Call us on 1300 407 853.

Tesla Rental Cars



10 June 2021

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